March 24, 2017

Anti-aging Skin Care Ingredients – Key Things to Look For

Anti-aging Skin Care Ingredients - Key Things to Look

There are literally thousands of anti-aging products out there- some
deliver results and some just wind up sitting inside your bathroom cabinet
after they’ve failed to impress you with their abilities. No matter what
the package looks like, the price point of each cream, serum or essence;
whether your anti-aging product is a win depends completely on one thing- Ingredients. That’s right, the ingredients are
the only thing that really matter when it comes to using an anti-aging
product that will get the job done.

The labels on most anti-aging products today are filled with long lists of
unrecognizable words. Now most of these words are just the fancy scientific
name for “inactive ingredients”. Usually, they also dominate the list-
meaning that the actual anti-aging “active ingredients” or the “key
ingredients” are sprinkled into that same list, in much smaller amounts.

The way your ingredients are listed on that label is very important.
Companies are required to list the ingredients from highest to lowest
amounts to be compliant with FDA regulations. That simply means that
whatever the very first ingredient is on that list- is what the formula has
in it in the highest concentration. Here’s an example: if you are buying an
expensive anti-aging serum because it has “active or key ingredients” that
you want, and WATER or CETYL ALCOHOL are listed first; then those are the
ingredients that are in the highest amounts in your product. Not your “key
ingredients”, which is why you purchased this product in the first place.

There is another factor to be aware of as well- most of those
unpronounceable words on that list don’t do anything amazing for your skin.
They are chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, binding agents, fillers and
slip agents. Even the ingredients that are truly good for anti-aging are
listed by their scientific names and may be hard to pick out. It would be
easier if ingredients could be listed as what we know them by;
then seeing where they are listed on that label would let us know
just how much of those “key ingredients” are really in this

The best anti-aging formulas are not filled with preservatives or
synthetic fragrances- they use natural, potent ingredients that are in high
concentrations and deliver results. Overblown claims made by mass-produced
brands that focus more on advertising and packaging than what’s inside,
can’t give you the results you are looking for. Too much of their money has
been spent on marketing and not enough on just making their formulas the
highest quality they could be.

The latest advancements in topical anti-aging are in fact, natural
ingredients. In the last couple of years, we’ve heard celebrities,
estheticians and dermatologists raving about EGF serums. How these serums
can renew skin and help repair everything from acne scarring to UV damage.
But how do these serums work?

EGF stands for epidermal growth factor. This is a type of
naturally occurring growth factor within our skin cells that stimulates
healing and helps thicken the skin and smooth it out by assisting with new
collagen production. EGF is a truly wonderful ingredient to have in an
anti-aging formula. Most anti-aging formulas on the market today have EGF
as the only growth factor and the “key ingredient” in their
formulas. There might also be fruit extracts, botanical essences and maybe
a few antioxidants as well. It’s an alright formulation; but if they have
the technology, then why not make it more than just alright?

First things first- EGF is a great ingredient. But if you are looking for
an anti-aging formula that will give you the best results; you should be
looking for a formula that doesn’t just have ONE growth factor listed
amongst 18 other preservatives on their label. There are better products.

When you are looking for a premium anti-aging formula, be sure to look for
one that lists several growth factors as their
ingredients. Why? because for growth factors to really work at their
optimum levels, there needs to be more than one. Growth factors only work
effectively when they are in “groups” or “pairs” of them working together.

No one single growth factor is responsible for the renewal and

regeneration of healthy skin.
These growth factors send different “signals” to our skin cells to address
different things- like interleukins stimulate (*send
signals) immune response within cells. This is different than fibroblast growth factor which stimulates (*sends signals)
to increase softness, reduce wrinkle volume and depth within the skin. Your
results for reducing the signs of aging will be much greater if
the formula you choose has more than one growth factor in it.

There are good products on the market. They may just be waiting for you to
discover them. Smaller, niche brands are a wonderful find. They are usually
crafted in much smaller batches and tend to use more natural ingredients in
their anti-aging formulas. One of the best anti-aging formulas on the
market today is NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment. Their
all-natural formula is a balanced mixture of a clinical-grade, high potency
growth factor concentrate and dermal carrier agents that deliver that
growth factor concentrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
doesn’t only use one growth factor- but

4500 cc 9 different growth factors in their premium formula

. They utilize stem cell technology with their growth factor concentrate
which consists of:

  • Epidermal growth factor- decreases wrinkling, assists in collagen production
  • Fibroblast growth factor- improves skin softness, reduce wrinkle volume & depth
  • Platelet-derived growth factor- assists healthy cell growth and type 1 collagen
  • Erythropoietin- reduces inflammation, aids in repairing skin tissue
  • Transforming growth factor a (alpha)- stimulates collagen, maintains skin structure
  • Transforming growth factor b (beta)- enhances the rate of healing damaged skin
  • Interleukins- stimulates immune response within skin, activates growth factors
  • Insulin-like growth factor-1- aids in growth of cells, collagen and elastin
  • Insulin-like growth factor-2- decreases both types of aging intrinsic & extrinsic

Each of these individual growth factors are unique and do something
important for the skin. In fact, every single ingredient in their
formula is a “key ingredient” and is a powerful anti-ager. These amazing
growth factors and stem cells work together in a single anti-aging formula
that is all-natural and free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemical
preservatives and is ethically and humanely sourced. As the most complete
anti-aging formula available today; NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment is a
win- and your very best choice.

Bioactive Ingredients:

  • Epidermal growth factor
    – Clinically decreases wrinkling, aids in improved skin density and
    assists in producing new collagen formation within the skin. (Hussain et al., 2008) * see below
  • Fibroblast growth factor
    – Improves skin softness, viscoelasticity as well as reducing wrinkle
    volume and depth. Rejuvenation of aging skin. (Ono, I. 2011) (Zeranska et al., 2016) *see below
  • Platelet-derived growth factor
    – Encourages healthy cell growth, type 1 collagen and
    skin fibroblasts that may maintain skin integrity and youth. (Kim et al., 2011) *see below
  • Erythropoietin
    – Reparative and rejuvenation for skin tissue. Reduces inflammation and
    helps heal. (Sorg et al., 2013) *see below
  • Transforming growth factors Alpha & Beta
    – Stimulation of collagen secretion and maintaining healthy skin
    structure. Enhances the rate of healing damaged skin. (Ching et al., 2011) (Ranaweera, 2011) *see below
  • Interleukins
    -Stimulates immune responses within cells. Reduces inflammation,
    enhances healing and activation of growth factors. (Draelos, 2016) *see below
  • Insulin-like growth factors 1 & 2
    – Increases healing and aids in healthy cell growth, collagen and
    elastin. Decreases both intrinsic skin aging (natural aging process)
    and extrinsic skin aging (aging from environmental factors). (Povoa et
    al., 2011) (Ranaweera, 2011) *see below
  • Emu oil
    – Anti-inflammatory, has essential omega-3’s, reduces the appearance of
    scars and sun damage, penetrates deeply into skin to moisturize, aids
    in healing eczema and psoriasis. (Axe, 2016) *see below
  • Jojoba oil
    – Promotes the absorption of topicals, anti-inflammatory properties,
    moisturizing, can reduce the signs of aging, aids in wound healing and
    protecting the skin. (Pazyar et al., 2013) *see below
  • Lavender oil
    – Aids in increasing fibroblasts to synthesize rapid collagen
    production and stimulates healing at a faster rate. (Mori et al., 2016) *see below

**Not all human clinical trials- some in vivo, in vitro, in animal models**

















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