May 26, 2017

Lighten Up! My Hyperpigmentation, and How NeoCorium’s EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Helped

NeoCorium Before After Hyperpigmentation

As the Director of Communications at NeoCorium, LLC., I wanted to share my
own personal experience with you about our product. I believe in complete
transparency and giving honest opinions, and so does the whole team at
NeoCorium, LLC. When I came up with this idea, I didn’t even tell anyone at
work or in my own home that I was sort of testing our product out.

I was already in love withNeoCorium’s EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment and what it did for the fine lines under
my eyes and how it made my skin feel plump and firm (especially my jawline
and neck). Then I went back through my research and realized that the
ingredients in this formula are also amazing at restoring even
skin tone and hydration, so I decided to really see just whatNeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment could do for my
hyperpigmentation and dryness too.

Ready to see the results?

Some background on my skin situation- I am very fair (think paper-white)
and while I do tan eventually, I burn first. When I am in the sun
for longer than 15 minutes; the sprinkling of freckles across my shoulders
seem to gang up on me and multiply. I also still had some remnants of sun
damage on my chest from summers spent not worrying that much about my skin
from the neck down.

When you live in Florida, it’s basically summer all year long. Since
staying indoors forever is impractical; sun exposure is a non-negotiable
fact of life. Now I’m no stranger to massive amounts of sunscreen- but
sometimes even reapplying SPF 50 every 2 hours isn’t enough to combat the
sun’s damaging rays. Inevitably, dark patches on your skin will follow.

Learning my lesson the hard way, I am now vigilant about applying sunscreen
everywhere. Looking like a raisin with eyes isn’t my idea of aging
gracefully. I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible- so when my
husband and I decided to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary
in Key West with a group of friends; I armed myself with 2 big bottles of
SPF 50 and prepared my skin to defend itself against the elements (I’m
looking at you, UVA and UVB rays).

We had the most fantastic time- friends, fun and of course a lot of time in the sun. When you’ve spent the week walking
around the streets of Key West under skies without a cloud in sight, you
wreak havoc on your skin. I didn’t burn (thanks to all that SPF), but I did
get darker. And splotchy. Let the sun damage begin!

In fact, by the time we got back home and I could really assess my skin; I
knew drastic action would have to be taken. Not only was my skin as dry as
parchment paper, it was also drastically darker- especially on my chest
where those remnants of sun damage were now back with a vengeance. A large
patch of skin right below my clavicle refused to fade no matter what I did. First I used acids- glycolic, lactic, malic and kojic.
All I achieved was red, irritated skin that burned and peeled a few days

Then I tried skin lightening creams- 2 different ones that each promised to
even skin tone and restore luminosity. I got nothing. A greasy, sticky
mess- but no luminous, even skin. I even tried buffing the dark, patchy
skin away with brightening scrubs. More irritation and flaking. Now I was
left with a patch of red, flaky skin mottled with dark splotches. Not
exactly the look I was going for, you know?

My husband was the one who suggested I use myNeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment on my chest to see if it would lighten up the
area of hyperpigmentation. He’d already seen (and even commented)
on what NeoCorium did for my undereye area and my jawline
and thought it was my best hope for reviving the sad, patchy situation on
my skin.

Since it worked amazingly on my face, I thought why not try it on
my chest? It couldn’t hurt, right? I took a picture of my hyperpigmentation
patch right before my first use. I wanted to see if I could really
see a difference in an actual before and after picture.

I applied NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment to my
face and neck just as I would normally do, and then used the rest of the
mixture on the dark, mottled patch on my chest. By the 3rd
night, I thought I saw a difference. It couldn’t be working that quickly,
could it?

I continued to apply the NeoCorium treatment for 10 nights
in a row and then I took another picture. I knew what I was seeing
in the mirror, but I needed to see it in a side-by-side comparison just to
prove to myself that I didn’t need my vision checked.

NeoCorium Before After Hyperpigmentation

I was blown away! I just could not believe how wellNeoCorium’s EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment had worked on my hyperpigmentation. I
knew it would help even out my skin tone, but I did not think it would
lighten it up this much in only 10 days! I
couldn’t wait to see how great the results would be after a couple of

Bottom line- even though I am a member of the NeoCorium team and Iknow what an amazing product we have, this facial treatment outperformed every single brightening and
lightening product I tried on the splotchy skin “souvenir” that I brought
back with me from Key West.

Summer is now officially just around the corner. Since I don’t plan on
missing any fun, that means more time outside in the beautiful sunshine.
And I will be ready. I am restocking my supply of the two things I can’t do
without- SPF 50 and NeoCorium Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment.

Are you summer ready? 😉

Jennifer Aldrich
Director of Communications at NeoCorium, LLC.

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