March 13, 2018

NeoCorium Featured on The Epoch Times

For over two millennia, many cultures, most notably the Chinese, have embraced the health rejuvenating benefits derived from the stem cell-rich deer antler velvet.

A cornerstone for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the first recorded use of deer antler velvet was found in silk scrolls that were uncovered from the time of the Han Dynasty, 206 BCE to 220 CE. In terms of power, prestige, and standing as an inspiring model of a united empire, the Han Dynasty rivaled that of the Roman Empire of the same time. Spanning over four centuries, it is still considered a golden age in Chinese history, especially in science, medicine, arts, politics, and technology.

The curative properties of deer antler velvet are also mentioned in the chief authority of the 16th-century medical Chinese pharmacology known as the “Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu,” a tome similar to another canon of medicine: the five encyclopedic books compiled by Persian philosopher Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and completed in 1025. Concurrently, Europe was undergoing a prolonged period of what was referred to as the Dark Ages. A period of time described as the burying of empirical facts in favor of the study of healing and medicine under superstitious religious dogma.

These documents list a variety of antler preparations including powders, pills, extracts, tinctures, and ointments. The reason deer antler velvet was believed to be so powerful was because it came from the fast-growing antlers, which have the ability to regenerate year after year—in fact, a hundred pounds in six weeks! Antlers in their growth stage are full of nutrients and living tissue that are proven to be helpful in maintaining the body in optimum health and wellness. Read more…

    Jennifer Cook

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