About Us

Here’s How Research Can Give You the Best Skin of Your Life

While researching the many uses and benefits growth factors and stem cells
had within the body; it was discovered that growth factors and stem cells
also had a significant anti-aging effect on skin. The same growth factors
and stem cells used for years in the medical community to stimulate wound
healing and tissue repair; were found to have a rejuvenating, restorative
effect on facial skin. A biological breakthrough!

Breathing New Life into Your Skin

 At NeoCorium, LLC., we wanted to harness the power of
growth factors and stem cells into a formula that would renew the skin- to
restore it from within. A clinical-grade EGF stem cell concentrate was crafted with not just EGF
(*epidermal growth factor)- but with 9 different mammalian-derived growth
factors. NeoCorium uses only all-natural mammalian-derived
(*deer antler velvet) growth factors in our formula- never
synthetic growth hormones or plant-based stem cells.

Why mammalian-derived growth factors and stem cells?
Synthetic growth hormones cannot be properly broken down and utilized on
the skin or in the body. This may lead to possible adverse reactions since
the human body does not recognize and tries to immediately eliminate
foreign substances. Mammalian-derived growth factors are simply more
biocompatible with the human body, they are all-natural and have already
been used safely in the medical community for years.

Why not plant-based stem cells?
Plant-based stem cells won’t harm the body- and they won’t really do
anything for it either. Plant-based stem cells are far too different from
human stem cells to be used topically for skin rejuvenation. Plants consist
of a very different biological makeup from humans. Plant stem cells
“communicate” or send signals to one another in a different biochemical
language than human stem cells can understand. Their stem cells are too
different from ours to be very beneficial in human skin rejuvenation and
can only offer slightly mild skin improvements in human skin. *see
reference below*

No Appointment Necessary

NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
was designed with you in mind. It is our belief that everyone should be
able to experience anti-aging results on a clinical level. EGF stem cell
anti-aging facials performed in med spas by estheticians are time
consuming, very costly and require multiple appointments to see full
results. Another factor to consider is knowing where the ingredients in
your facial treatment are sourced. NeoCorium, LLC., uses
only the finest high quality ingredients available in our EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
. Every ingredient in our facial treatment is locally sourced and produced
in the U.S.A.

At NeoCorium, LLC., we want anyone and everyone
to know they can skip the appointments, experience the anti-aging facials
in the comfort of your own home when it’s convenient for you, and do it all for a fraction of the cost of
in-office treatments. And achieve the same results.

Our mission is simple:
Give everyone the power of an in-office anti-aging treatment- in the palm of their hand.

*Reference Article: Botanical Stem Cells in Skin Care-