Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are questions and answers about NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment and how to incorporate it into your current skin care routine to obtain the maximum benefits.

Q: What time of day should I use NeoCorium?

A: Detailed instructions inside of the package suggest that NeoCorium be used at night. Skin repairs itself while we are at rest, allowing NeoCorium to be at its most effective within your skin.

Q: At what stage in my skin care routine should I apply NeoCorium?

A:  After cleansing, mix the recommended dose of NeoCorium’s Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate and the Derma Carrier together and apply to any areas you wish to treat.

Q: Can I use other products with NeoCorium if I choose to?

A: If you are currently using prescribed skin treatments, we recommend consulting your dermatologist first. NeoCorium is designed to be a stand-alone product that addresses multiple skin issues. The bioactives in NeoCorium will hydrate, repair and rebuild healthy skin at the cellular level.  If you want to layer a favorite serum or treatment product under NeoCorium, we suggest a patch test on an area of skin to test for product interactions first.

Q: Why can’t I simply mix the Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate and the Derma Carrier cream together into one bottle?

A: The potent bioactives in our Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate need to remain housed separately in the dark-colored glass bottle to protect the growth factors, stem cells, polypeptides and other bioactives from breaking down due to light and heat exposure. Mixing the two compounds together into one bottle would cause most of the bioactives to become inactive and the formula much less effective.

Q: How long do I use NeoCorium before I start to see results?

A: Results are cumulative. Everyone’s skin will respond differently to NeoCorium. The bioactives in our formula adapt to your skin’s individual needs. To retain maximum potency of formula, contents should be completely used within 45 days of 1st treatment. We recommend nightly use until completed for best results.

*Please note that results are cumulative and improvements will continue with each treatment.

*If you did not see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us directly.

  Email us with your questions at:  info@neocorium.com