The Science Behind the Brand

Not All EGF & Stell Cell Facial Treaments are the Same

Growth factors and stem cells can do wonderful things for your skin. They
counteract the aging process by stimulating the biochemical pathways that
promote our skin’s tissue repair and regeneration. This can address
everything from dry, dehydrated skin to wrinkles and elasticity. In theory,
growth factors are what we can use topically to “feed” our skin to help
produce fresh, healthy skin at the cellular level.“In theory” is because not all growth factors are created equal. There are
mammalian-derived growth factors, human growth factors and plant growth
hormones. Each of these kinds of growth factors are currently being used in
different anti-aging cosmeceutical creams. Human growth factors are
expensive to harvest and use and because some are embryonic and some are
not; it may be difficult to know where and how your growth factors are
sourced. The use of human growth factors is sometimes viewed as
controversial. There can also be significantly less growth factor
concentration in some of these formulas and the creams are very costly.Plant growth hormones are another category being used in anti-aging
cosmeceutical creams. They are easier to harvest, as plants can be “farmed”
and grown commercially for use in many different applications. Yet again,
we should understand that while more readily available, plants and humans
do not require the same things to flourish. Plants have growth hormones
that affect their growth cycle, water absorption, seed dormancy,
root growth and fruit ripening. They do not sufficiently stimulate human
biochemical signals to regenerate our skin, making them much less effective
as an anti-aging resource for human skin.Mammalian-derived growth factors are a lot closer to human growth factors
and offer the same anti-aging benefits. They are also easier and less
expensive to harvest and biocompatible within human skin, which enables you
to experience the full benefits that growth factors can have. NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment only utilizes
mammalian-derived growth factors and stem cells in their formula.
For any type of growth factors to work effectively within the skin, there
must be more than one type of growth factor. Growth factors work best when
there are pairs or groups of them together. Each one sends different
biochemical signals to cells to stimulate different reactions within the
skin. Growth factors work synergistically within the skin to:

  • promote the increased production of collagen and elastin for
    maintaining skin’s structure
  • increase skin density (thickness)
  • decrease enlarged pores
  • improve uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • improve skin texture and softness
  • decrease wrinkling due to new collagen synthesis
  • improve skin smoothness and firmness
  • increase elasticity and volume

Growth factors are vital in keeping our skin youthful and healthy.
“Feeding” your skin with a balanced mixture of growth factors will help you
reverse the signs and symptoms of aging for years to come.What is a balanced mixture? Some cosmeceutical creams contain one or a few
growth factors in their anti-aging formulas. Most do not have the
concentration of growth factors and stem cells to be as effective as a
clinical anti-aging product. NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment has 4500 cc of
9 different clinical-grade growth factors and stem cells in every
bottle. The high concentration in our formula rivals in-office EGF
facials and is designed to deliver maximum anti-aging results.
Stem cells are an important factor in the aging process as well. Stem cells
need growth factors within their environment to rapidly stimulate cell
proliferation (cell growth and production). As we age, our own cellular
activity slows down, leaving us with fewer healthy cells. Our cells age and
do not have the same rebuilding and regenerating abilities that they once
had.This leaves our precious DNA unprotected from UV induced damage and
oxidative stress. These environmental aggressors are the leading cause of
aging as we know it today. If our epidermal layer becomes compromised and
can no longer defend against these environmental factors, skin aging is
accelerated at a much faster rate.This can result in thinning, sagging and laxity to our skin’s structure. By
utilizing stem cell technology within the skin, damaged cells can be
rejuvenated and potentially repaired. The epidermal layer is once again a
protective barrier and can effectively defend against the daily UV and
cellular oxidation we encounter. This will allow the skin to regain its
youthful structure and appearance, returning density, firmness and
elasticity.Skin’s optimum health depends on a balanced microenvironment that can be
enhanced with a nutrient-dense formula that helps promote cellular growth
and strengthen its structure. Approximately 20 different types of cell types reside within the skin.
Protect and nurture all of them with NeoCorium’s premium clinical-grade EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
Bioactive Ingredients:

  • Epidermal growth factor – Clinically decreases wrinkling, aids in improved skin density and
    assists in producing new collagen formation within the skin. (Hussain et al., 2008) * see below
  • Fibroblast growth factor – Improves skin softness, viscoelasticity as well as reducing wrinkle
    volume and depth. Rejuvenation of aging skin. (Ono, I. 2011) (Zeranska et al., 2016) *see below
  • Platelet-derived growth factor – Encourages healthy cell growth, type 1 collagen and
    skin fibroblasts that may maintain skin integrity and youth. (Kim et al., 2011) *see below
  • Erythropoietin – Reparative and rejuvenation for skin tissue. Reduces inflammation and
    helps heal. (Sorg et al., 2013) *see below
  • Transforming growth factors Alpha & Beta – Stimulation of collagen secretion and maintaining healthy skin
    structure. Enhances the rate of healing damaged skin. (Ching et al., 2011) (Ranaweera, 2011) *see below
  • Interleukins -Stimulates immune responses within cells. Reduces inflammation,
    enhances healing and activation of growth factors. (Draelos, 2016) *see below
  • Insulin-like growth factors 1 & 2 – Increases healing and aids in healthy cell growth, collagen and
    elastin. Decreases both intrinsic skin aging (natural aging process)
    and extrinsic skin aging (aging from environmental factors). (Povoa et
    al., 2011) (Ranaweera, 2011) *see below
  • Emu oil – Anti-inflammatory, has essential omega-3’s, reduces the appearance of
    scars and sun damage, penetrates deeply into skin to moisturize, aids
    in healing eczema and psoriasis. (Axe, 2016) *see below
  • Jojoba oil – Promotes the absorption of topicals, anti-inflammatory properties,
    moisturizing, can reduce the signs of aging, aids in wound healing and
    protecting the skin. (Pazyar et al., 2013) *see below
  • Lavender oil – Aids in increasing fibroblasts to synthesize rapid collagen
    production and stimulates healing at a faster rate. (Mori et al., 2016) *see below

**Not all human clinical trials- some in vivo, in vitro, in animal models** References